Memories Worth Remembering Of Primary School

If each one of us was allowed to return to their previous primary life, most of us will take that opportunity without any hesitation. Reason being that primary school life was stress-free and full of both good or bad memories. This is because most of us were infants by then, and we were living our prime lives. For we had nothing to bother about since guardians were there to safeguard us from any threat while tutoring us morally. What was required is that we had only to eat, sleep, play while a little homework awaited us which parents could assist too.

We are going to discuss a few things that are considered memorable from my primary school. Waking up early is one that made me hate school and if allowed to sleep off school would have done so. In most scenarios, arriving early was never, the teacher knew me as a latecomer and punishment awaited me daily except on weekends when there was ample time for sleeping. The norm begun on Monday morning ended on Friday. This created conflict with my parents where they considered me to be a lazy boy.

Examination up to date is something

Going to games was another best memory of my primary school life. It was considered that work without play made Jack a dull boy. Therefore, it was mandatory for each one of us to play. The interesting part was sliding in the mud especially after it had rained heavily. The only problem was returning home with dirty uniforms, this made my parents be furious with me and declare war. Immediately after the canning, a cold shower would accompany it to ensure that the lesson was learned the hard way. It was a hard but fun life if compared to the one experiencing now.

Examination up to date is something that triggers my adrenaline when the thought of that quiet environment rushes through my mind especially mathematics. My phobia for this subject has never changed until joining a high school where the love and fun part of the subject was unveiled to me. But during the primary school moment, my performance used to deteriorate with each exam rendered to a point it raised an alarm with the teachers, my parents, and classmates. In other subjects, my performance was off the scale but mathematics was the only thing that dragged down my entire performance until more practice made it perfect.

School trips are what most students

Wearing the school uniform was another great adventure especially the shorts. Though the climate was not convenient we never bothered about it since we youngsters and never bothered with fashion or outfits. According to most of us, that was the best clothing to ever put on though people used to mock us. Especially the seniors who from their view we seemed like little bugs that they could smash without struggle. But bullying was not allowed in the school, anyone found with the offense would suffer punishment or expulsion. This made us confident with ourselves from how we talked up to how we carried ourselves around.

School trips are what most students regarded as the best times of schooling. These trips gave most of us the once in a lifetime chance to tour places that we never toured before. Through these trips personally, there are places which in my entire livelihood would not have had that chance of venturing. The trips were awesome and mostly educative, they ensured that we had the appropriate knowledge for that particular trip. We were encouraged to relate the skills in the class environment even up to real-life circumstances if the necessity would arise.

Memories Worth Remembering Of Primary School

Skills such as drawing and cooking were significant because at home we had chores to complete. The skills obtained from school put us in a better position to perform the tasks and assisted with the house chores too. This tested the moral values we had, whether we were obedient or disobedient to the guardians. Though they were tiresome, learning something new in school was worth it and made it even more fun.

The wish which each one of us has is to return to the primary lives that we had which were stress-free, fun, and just being children with no worries of what tomorrow will hold. This fear is what negates life and many of us feel that it is too burdensome not worth living.